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Programming Committee

The Programming Committee consists of three members appointed by Assembly and three members appointed by the Board of Directors (with no more than one person from any Member or Associate).  The General Manager and members of the Programming Team participate in committee meetings in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity.

The role of the Programming Committee is to:

  • develop and recommend to the Board of Directors programming and related policy for the station;
  • identify any procedural matters that can be improved to enable the Programming Department to operate more effectively;
  • develop, implement and supervise strategies to:

    > assist program providers to become familiar with and have access to relevant information regarding the production, administrative, classification and technical requirements of MCTC Inc.;

    > assist with the training of program providers in the operations and goals of the Programming Department;

    > enable program providers to submit programs of a high standard and within the guidelines of MCTC Ltd and the Australian Broadcasting Services Act 1992; and

    > ensure the allocation of air-time is made in the best interests of the station.

  • assist the members of the Programming Team to resolve any problems relating to the technical quality, content or complaints associated with any programming submissions from members;
  • assist in the resolution of complaints as set out within the appeals section; and
  • development and recommend to the Board of Directors the expenditure of any budget provided by the Board of Directors for Station Programming, including any budget for program supplies.





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